Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am writing a post. Yes, it is being written. By my fingers, on a QWERTY keyboard. 

Scholarly Gabi: Fun fact: The first typewriters were not QWERTY. The most frequently used letters were placed on home row in an order that made a lot more sense (dvorak keyboard.) The problem was that with the advent of touch-typing, people started to type much too quickly, jamming the dvoraks without them noticing. They'd end up with a piece of paper full of 'E's.

Moody Teenager Gabi: Shuddup, I'm trying to sleep.

Scholarly Gabi: You have to wake up in a moment to eat supper so you can have the proper allotment of caloric energy, anyhow. 

Moody Teenager Gabi: Why can't you be normal? Ugh.

Scholarly Gabi: It is suggested that geniuses have a trend of being on the extreme of a social spectrum as well as on a bell curve. 

Realistic Gabi: You aren't a genius!

Scholarly Gabi: Well, uh. Who said that that comment was a follow up to the comment directly preceding it? I could be referring to someone else, and you are merely too unintelligent to comprehend a valid statement which you incorrectly interpreted as a non-sequitor. And like Einstein sad, genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. All I really need to do is join the quidditch team.

Moody Teenager Gabi: I hate you. I'm going to go listen to angry music.

Scholarly Gabi: Studies have shown that plants grow better with classical music than angry music! Granted, it was just an episode of Mythbusters, and they hardly have proper control of their variables.

Scholarly Gabi gets on peoples' nerves. 

So how's Gabi as a whole? Good, pretty much. Lacking in motivation. Oh, yes. Canada has a new government. SQUIRRELSQUIRRELSQUIRRELSQUIRREL! There's a squirrel outside my window.

There must have been some opinion I wanted to talk about or something, but I just took out The Trilogy of Five from the library for re-reading. :D

Socks Today: I feel like I should stop running this. I mean, I did stop a while ago. But re-stop, officially. Can I just mention my socks somewhere if they are interesting? Oh, today they are neon stripes, and each sock is neon-striped differently. (Is it more correct to say both socks? Is it more correct to not be saying more correct? Yes.)


 An act of rebellion:
ATM machine
HST tax
PIN number
Teehee. Redundancy. It feels good, sometimes.

There is an ant crawling everywhere. I am torn about whether to respond by naming it and observing it or running away due to a childhood trauma involving an ant bite and a freezie. Um. I should shut up now.


  1. RAS Syndrome?

  2. "Why can't you be normal? Ugh."

    I laughed at that.

  3. Hi Gabi, I am going to marry you. Hope you are okay with that.

  4. You're hilarious :) I really missed you fighting with yourself, I truly did. Also, I just looked up at your link and smiled because it reminded me of Dan Bergstein. Just sayin'.

    Also, I don't know if you're interested but I made a new blog so here's the link, just in case:

  5. I'd like to confirm that plants actually DO grow better under classical music (than modern music at least). Did that for a science fair once. And thanks!!! I found your blog through MeganSquared (in the comments). And hi!!! :)

  6. Ama: That was great :D

    Eeshie: Thank you!

    Nala: Yes. Very okay. Ellen and Portia would get to be my inlaws.

    Lola: Thank you!!! I'm looking at it now.

    Esther: Good to know!! And awesome.


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