Thursday, December 29, 2011

A long and drawn out farewell. (oh look, a title which pertains to my post!)

Hello there. It's been a while, hasn't it? 

Now, you know how I said how dedicated I felt to you, blog, and how I would stay with you forever? Just kidding, I never said that. But I can't help but feel bad about how sporadic my posting's been. I think that there's a reason for this.

This is exactly my 50th post. Blog, I need a break. I can genuinely say that it's not you, it's me. You have served me perfectly for the last year, helping me hone my writing skills, learn a little bit more about catering my writing to an audience. I still haven't learned to write on a schedule, I must admit. That's too bad, I guess. But still, I've learned.

Problem is, I've grown. My obsession with crazy socks has waned and been replaced by other strange obsessions. My rabbit has gotten fat. 

Not all of the ways I've changed are for the better. I care less about other people than I used to. Somehow my religious beliefs are even more whacked out than they were when I wrote my first post. I think I've gotten stupider. 

What am I saying, blog? I have to move on. I will probably start a new blog in the future. If it makes you feel better, I'm not leaving you for a tumblr. Thanks for everything. 
P.S.  If you need any empowering breakup songs, just let me know. :)

. . .My anthropomorphizing abilities have just outdone themselves. 

Yeah, I'm leaving. I'm sorry it's so sudden, I just don't feel as if I have the energy to write any entertaining posts, at least not ones that fit with the theme of this blog.(Not that I know if anybody cares.)

This isn't because of any sudden crisis or anything, I'm just done. 

Coincidentally, this is my 50th post, so at least I've hit a minor landmark. If I start another blog, I will certainly link to it here. 

Thank you so much to all of my lovely followers. I'd single people out but that would feel too sappy, so I just want to thank each and every one of you. I've read and thought about about all of your comments, even if I suck at replying, and they have never failed to brighten my day. I'll still be reading your blogs, and I'll try to keep commenting on stuff. I feel like I've made a bunch of dysfunctional friendships through comments sections. 

Keep being awesome, and when you're a best-selling author I expect, at the very least, a curt nod of recognition as I accost you, begging for an autograph. 

<3 Gabi (every part of me)

Unrelated Quote of the Day:
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  - Albert Einstein

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Teens Can Write Too! (See, even this title proves my point. Well, I suppose this is typing.)

Today's post is set to be magnificent, awe-inspiring, edge-of-your-seat exciting, and free of seizure-causing childbirth scenes. Man, poor Stephanie Meyer.

What was I talking about? I think I was about to mention how this post has to stay on topic, as today I will be writing for the lovely Teens Can Write Too blog chain on the subject of developing and relating to my characters.

Now, as you may have noticed, I have trouble keeping to just one subject while writing. This carries over into my creation of characters. When conceptualizing protagonists for my stories I often get really into their entire personalities, but to kick-start that, I like to use basic character templates  like the one around page 15 of this workbook to hash out my characters.
In theory that works nicely, but realistically? I'm me. 

I get distracted halfway through with the strong urge to begin on another character who will be the perfect complement to the one I started with, and then the cycle keeps continuing in a downward spiral and then I am sitting in the middle of the office supplies store in my pyjamas cradling the last box of my favourite brand of pencils in my arms. 

Maybe that isn't exactly what happens. I generally just get frustrated by the planning portion of my writing and delve straight into my book or short story or whatever I am writing. 

Weird things happen to my characters when I haven't thought about them hard enough. I shouldn't like the loss of control, but for some strange reason, I quite enjoy it. I get to see which ones become three-dimensional and which ones fall flat. If I took myself more seriously as a writer that would hurt, but it's sort of just interesting for me.

Some characters have surprised me by being much less exciting, though. I put a ninja into my NaNoWriMo book this year. She was the most boring character I have ever written, perhaps only excluding some Mary Sues  back when I was younger.

Is this boring? I always feel as if my posts that are actually normal are boring. 

Teenage Gabi: You know that you could have talked about your multiple personalities. You know, how you're made up of a cast of characters that make up your personality, and so is the world and that's why the world should live in unity and stuff.

Poetic Gabi: That was very deep of you! 

There's a problem there, as I don't actually have multiple personality disorder. My readers just enjoy having someone insaner than them.

ADHD Gabi: That's like how the best literary characters are really weird! Like Luna Lovegood. I like her radishes!

Whoa. That was actually pretty deep.

ADHD Gabi: I know, right!? I felt like Yoda or something.

Thus concludes my Teens Can Write Too blog chain post. I don't know if it fulfilled any of the requirements, but hopefully it was at least minimally entertaining. 
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I noticed that every blogger here except for me is a Wordpress blogger. Thankfully, there is a widget in the sidebar that allows people who don't have blogger accounts to follow my blog! Not that I'm shamelessly plugging or anything. (laughs nervously)

<3 Gabi

Actual Stupid Teacher Quote of the Day
"You know, I can't believe the stupidicity of some people." - Civics teacher, referring to public transit workers

Monday, December 5, 2011

Body butter is misleading. It should be edible.

(ADD Gabi sits alone on a park bench, quietly singing to herself.)

ADD Gabi: Birthday, birthday, having fun on birthdayyyyy. . .

Musical Gabi: You can't harmonize with yourself, you know.

ADD Gabi: I was singing a birthday song!


Sports Commentator: Score! Gabi has successfully spelled Wednesday correctly for the first time! And she does it again! The crowd goes wild!

Honest Gabi: There is no crowd. Does anybody else see the crowd?

Scholarly Gabi: I agree with you! And we can even use Occam's Razor to disprove the crowd if it gets really down and dirty.

Girly Gabi: This is why I don't have a social life, guys!

Poetic Gabi: But you wrote a novel last month which you can easily turn into a metaphor for society!

Overachiever Gabi: Why do you need a social life when you are an executive member of three clubs, an active member of five, have wrestling practice six times a week, are an executive member of a youth group and organize monthly events, have a babysitting job, and need to get good marks? This is your future, Gabi.

Girly Gabi: One of my friends greets me every day with, "Hi Gabi! Hang out with us more." I need a social life.


Gabi's Body: Can we go to sleep now? Please?


20 minutes later

ADD Gabi: Who would have thought that he was trolling?

Gabi's Body: It is bed time. Go to sleep. Your birthday is over and you have no excuse any more and I am tired and soon I will fall asleep on the keyboard and get little key indents on my face.

Girly Gabi: Not the face! 


That was yesterday. 

Scholarly Gabi: A good part of it was this morning, actually.

I don't care. 

Gabi's Body: Can we sleep again?

It's only nine p.m.! I really would like to produce an entire post. Anyway. I could go through my birthday presents, but since people know me, I mostly got Chapters/Indigo gift cards. I also got a couple of unicorns, but hey, you know. Those are pretty standard these days.

Nice Gabi: Maybe you should write thank you cards! And the journal your brother got you was sweet!

Honest Gabi: It had skulls on the cover. It has the words "chaotic," "poetic," "frantic," and "romantic" on it. It's ugly.

Teenager Gabi: It even takes itself too seriously to me.

Creative Gabi: Oooh, can I make a collage on it?! It will be a pretty collage!

I should have mentioned at some point that notebooks have personalities to me. My notebook has to be my friend. Strange Gabi is strange.

Alright, I am going to go now. 

Oh! I will be participating in the Teens Can Write Too blog chain. I encourage all of you to check it out! I've never really written on this blog for a set date before, so I am sort of nervous, but hopefully it will go well.

<3 Gabi

Strange captcha word of the day:
Cookines (v.) Being so excited about freshly baked goods that one misspells words like cookie.
Gabi cookines each and every time she smells chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Are my titles too long? I think that they are too long.

These posts aren't my regular posts, just so you know. My regular posts are much smarter, funnier, and fun for the entire family! Well, maybe not. IT DOES NOT MATTER, OKAY?!

Basically, I don't even have 30 000 words and November is almost over. BUT I WILL DO THIS!

Disclaimer: This template is from hyperbole and a half by allie brosh. I do not own it.

I may have written this post because I'm proud of making this picture. Like, way too proud.

I even used a Ticonderoga pencil, because that is the best pencil in the world and papermate is taking over the market which is really upsetting. 




P.S. As an update on my warning about backing up, you should also be careful about losing USB keys, because you might have to spend three hours making up the programming project and the 1700 words that you lost. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I got really nice glasses. I really like my glasses. I really, really like my glasses.

Harry Potter Meets Metal is quite possibly my perfect novelling song.

For some reason, my YouTube playlist for NaNoWriMo also includes Nyan Cat. I don't get it either. It's like my brain only writes well to music that is kind of crappy.

How is NaNoWriMo going, you ask? Erm. Not so well.

Those are my lovely (or not so lovely) word count stats. I will be catching up quite quickly, hopefully.
Time to go write, nurse my wrestling bruises, program, and write some more.

Side comment: I googled "girls wrestling" to see if I could find any photos to illustrate my point, because apparently I'm really stupid. Suffice to say that I am glad that I have my safesearch on.

Regular posting should resume after November, or when I get a new laptop, or when school stops being a pain in the arse.

Best of luck to anybody else NaNoing!



P.S. I lost my USB key. I had a dream that I found it again and then woke up and almost cried. 
Please, please, please back up your files regularly. This goes to everyone. I lost 6000 words of my NaNoWriMo book, all of my Java programming from school, numerous photos, and tons of my writing. 
Take this as a cautionary tale, and back up dem serial buses, b*tches

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My NeighbourBestFriend is Calling Me Schizophrenic. (I should've seen this coming.)

Hi there, g-

Overachiever Gabi:  Hello, blogosphere. Gabi is busy right now and for the entire month of November. She will no longer be eating, sleeping, laughing, or updating this blog. This is due to a number of commitments, including wrestling practises 5 times a week and National Novel Writing Month, a questionably responsible and inaccurately named international writing event. But, since she signed up, no sleep for us. I mean, nobody realizes what a contribution I make. I work so hard, and for this?! She only has a B in science class! It's a traves-


ADHD Gabi : I ran like a mile at fitness practice yesterday morning! Or, like, more than a mile.  I can do push-ups now! It's so cool!

Overachiever Gabi: You don't have time for this! We have to plan for NaNoWriMo! WHERE ARE OUR STORYBOARDS!?

Nice Gabi: It's okay, sweetie! At the Toronto NaNo kickoff, tons of people didn't even have plots yet.
ADHD Gabi: They had really good ice cream there.

Scholarly Gabi: And did you see the old typewriter? And the encyclopedias from the 1800s? And the old-fashioned stained glass windows? IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.

Poetic Gabi: I especially liked being around kindred spirits. It was like all of our souls were bound togther by the common bond of writing.

ADHD Gabi: LIKE TERMITES. They're like, all like  MUST SERVE QUEEN. and then they don't really think much else. . .

Girly Gabi: Did you see the cute guy there? We shook hands and everything! His name was --

Honest Gabi: You realize that anyone who frequents the NaNoWriMo forums can easily read this, including members of your region? And it isn't interesting to talk about cute boys who you've  exchanged 15 words with on a blog.

Teenage Gabi: We can write about his unattainable smile in our diary, right? And how we're destined to never be together?


Musical Gabi: Can I sing you a lullaby?


Scholarly Gabi: That reminds me of a book I've been reading. . .

Overachiever Gabi: Or a book which you have to plan? GET OFF OF THE INTERNET.

So, at this point the parents of the children I was babysitting finally got home and I realized that there is not much of a point to this post. I'm posting it anyway!

You may have gathered that my life is busy. That explains why I haven't been posting nearly enough.
NaNoWriMo begins in 31 hours, so I'm kind of sort of in panic mode.

I got asked by someone on the clergy of my synagogue to sing a duet with him which is awesomefantasticexcellent! It also cuts into my writing time.

I have had the same song stuck in my head for the last 5 days, so I figured it out on the ukulele.

- Gabi

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wacky Mac is basically kosher Kraft Dinner, except in cool shapes.

Soo. It's been a while. No, blog, I don't hate you. I just felt like I needed a break, okay? 

Yeah. I'm kind of busy too. I'm sorry that you don't have any friends, but I spent last weekend with four different people. 
Me and Friend 1 and I made a castle out of boxes of Wacky Mac and watched Grease. Because I'm really popular.
And then I went to see Friend 2-4, and they're all boys because I'm really attractive and stuff. 
We watched Dodgeball and talked about A Game of Thrones (see this link too) and religion and played with Friend 3's 4 bit calculator on Minecraft, because we're really cool and interested in normal teenager stuff.

Okay, blog? I have a life. So suck it.

I was also spending a lot of time programming, which is really cool too. My grade 11 computer science credit is going to get me hot guys, mark my words. 

What is this obsession with hot guys? It's like something in my head thinks that making constant sex jokes is funny, but then another part of my brain is like "Noooo, that isn't appropriate and only Jessica can get away with that," and then turns all of my penis jokes into hot guy jokes.


Anyway. I got awards. A long time ago.

I'm going to start with this one from Mercy (at Not At All Stupid), which isn't really an award, but a passing on art thingamajig. It's funny, because I'm not artistically talented. Mostly because of my hand-eye coordination, and a bit because of my short attention span. BUT ANYWAYS. 

I spent a really long time cutting out little letters from teen magazines (which my mom buy for me in the hope that I'll be a girl for her) for the smoothie part, but then I got really frustrated and uploaded the picture into my free trial of photoshop and put a beautiful an interesting background on it. 

It's an alphabet smoothie/milkshake/whatever this is, because I always liked alphabet soup as a kid, and I also like cutting up magazines.

Now I tag people?

I think that I'm just going to tag Thais, because she's creative and stuff. (She sent me a package a couple of weeks ago, and there are little paper hearts all over my floor.) I know that she doesn't actually go on her blog much, but TOO BAD. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That evil laugh didn't come out right. Ugh.

The rules for the Travelling Smoothie Award shall be at the bottom.

Okay. That's done. Yayyyy Gabi accomplished something!

Moving on.

The Rambler , whose name makes her sound like a really awesome super-villain whose powers involve going off on tangents, gave me an award called the Liebster Award. 


Now I write 7 things about myself.

a) I think I'm slowly metamorphosing - holy crap I actually spelled that properly - into a hipster. Most of the music I listen to has under 20 000 views on YouTube. I also discovered this band whose genre is Indie Post-Rock. And then I enjoyed the music. It's really worrying how many graphic t-shirts I own, and I sometimes brag about how I've known about tumblr for a really long time. I understand and enjoy modern art, and sometimes I find myself rolling my eyes at mainstream stuff. It's really scary, because I don't really like hipsters very much. 

2. I watched a full length My Little Pony movie for 81 minutes with two friends last night. I think that I'm very much like Cheerilee.

Three: I have a problem with feet. I just really don't like them. They're scary.

100 - When I'm stressed out, I count to ten in different bases. It helps calm me down. 

Cinq! I have a lot of trouble writing seriously, because I can't take myself seriously. If I try to write sad poetry, I end up laughing and screaming in frustration at the same time. 

Shesh Sometimes I'm really good at math. Like that time last year when I got 3rd place in my school on the math contest, and would have won if I didn't go to such a smart-person school. Sometimes, I suck. I got a 58% on my exam. Same goes for almost every subject. 

public void vii ( )

System.out.println ("I was the only girl in my entire school who did the optional programming contest last year. I didn't do as terribly as I expected to.");


Okay! Done that! I have to tag people now. You're supposed to tag 7 people who have under 100 followers. All of you guys may feel free to ignore the tags, by the way. 

Ash from The Cheesecake Paradox - He's really cool. He also has 69 followers. I shouldn't have giggled.

Lot's Wife at F*** Salt - On top of the witty biblical pen-name, I think that it's really cool to dedicate an entire blog to such a niche subject. I suppose that's what the internet's for. :D

Jenelle at [I am Unimaginative] - I can't actually tell how many followers she has, because Blogger is silly. But she's pretty awesome, and I'm not sure why I think her name is Jenelle, but I'm just going to go with it and be creepy regardless.

Flyergirl13 at Drizzled in Awesomeness - I really like her blog. I just do. Also, she's a sparkler, and it's kind of cool to see her username both here and on sparklife posts. I'm sort of creepy. Oops.

ZNZ at Jotting Down Notes - This one is kind of creepy, because I'm not entirely sure if she knows who I am. But I enjoy her blog. I'm kind of a stalker. Oops.

Ellen at Defenestrated Feet - She hasn't posted in 2 whole months. But she should post. I like her illustrations a lot. 

I have like four hours of programming to do, so I'm just not going to tag anyone else. 



Rules for the Travelling Smoothie: 

1. Put an uncolored copy of the smoothie into the post (for video bloggers, print it out or insert it into your video).
2. Color in another copy of the smoothie. Be creative and color the smoothie, straw, and background, if you wish.
3. Insert your colored smoothie in your post/ video/ webpage. If you wish, you may include the location of the smoothie. Be as general or specific as you wish.
4. Name five blogging/ video blogging/ DeviantArt friends who will then have to fill out the smoothie, too. Also remember to link to them, because linking to people makes sad people happy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I wonder if I should make this title relate to my post? Naahhhh. Hint: It involves poop.

The terrible day has arrived. There is exactly one usable bathroom in the entire house.


Teenage Gabi: You've known this since this morning.

Thespian Drama: Way to break my character. Great job! (exit DR)

Teenage Gabi: Oh look, how melodramatic. While I'm suffering with every heartbeat -

Poetic Gabi: every breath-

Teenage and Poetic Gabi: every glance at this shattered world.

Poetic Gabi: You. . . you understand me. 

Teenage Gabi: If we have one band that we like in common, then you're probably my soulmate.

Honest Gabi: This is why nobody can take you guys seriously. You guys are made up characters corresponding to your writers' personality that she writes about when she's bored.

Scholarly Gabi: Perhaps we should cut the adolescent some slack. Teenagers' brains are not fully developed.

ADD Gabi: Your face isn't fully developed.

Scholarly Gabi: That's true, Gabi is still growing.

ADD Gabi: Your face is still growing!


ADD Gabi: Really?

Honest Gabi: Really.

ADD Gabi: E- e- excuse me for a little while.

(sobs loudly)


Anywayyyyys. There's a clogged pipe somewhere in the house which makes any water used on the main floor  or upstairs come out of the main floor's toilet. Our little house is grumpy. And when it takes a temper tantrum, it spews fecal matter.

In my quest to stop being overly polite, I will not apologise for not posting. (HA! TAKE THAT, CANADA.)
But my posts may be infrequent due to the general business of my life. Sorry about that.  Fuck.  SORRY PERSONAL GOAL TO NOT SWEAR!   AAAAAHHHHHHH


I don't feel very well. I'm going to go apologise to someone for feeling that way.


Monday, September 19, 2011

I really do have an absurd number of plaid flannel shirts, bottles of maple syrup, and polar bears.

Hello. Somebody is sitting next to me, attempting to shove food down my throat. It isn't her fault; she's Jewish. But she should stop. Just saying. 

A lot of people have been shoving food down my throat lately. 

Honest Gabi: No, just you. 

Girly Gabi: Seriously, you ate a fifth of a cheesecake. Like, do you know how many calories are in that?

Poetic Gabi: It went down my throat so quickly. Its life was fleeting, but beautiful.

ADD Gabi: I really like cheesecake. And carrots. I ate an entire bag of mini carrots last week. 


Scholarly Gabi: Those aren't correlated. Vitamin A is responsible for vision. And, as it was the first wrestling practise --

Random Bystander: You wrestle? That's funny because I see you as clumsy, socially awkward, and a pushover. 

Yeah, I joined the wrestling team. Since my family burst into laughter upon hearing this, I've decided to compile a list of reasons why I'm manly. In a feminine, sexually viable way. 

a) According to the Jew sitting beside me force-feeding me noodles, I have manly thumbs. But they're handsome.

b) I could probably use my hair as a weapon.

c) I'm wearing a flannel plaid shirt. I'm totally a lumberjack

d) I'm a Gryffindor. 

Scholarly Gabi: No, you are not. Pottermore clearly made an analytical error, and you're clearly in Ravenclaw.


ADD Gabi: I'm on the same dose of meds I've been on since grade 4. I may need a higher dose. And I was thinking about the blog's anniversary and what we could write about. 

Overachiever Gabi: Gabi, get your prescription changed please.

Nice Gabi: See, that was a pretty nice suggestion! We may even belong in Hufflepuff!

Honest Gabi: You're a Ravenpuff. You also have really unhealthy sleeping habits and you are self-absorbed.

ADD Gabi: I just ate an ice cream bar in, like, 45 seconds! It was so cool! We can write about that on the blog's anniversary post!

Girly Gabi: That's stupid! Everyone's going to think you're fat and, like, hate you. We should write about my new wardrobe!

Teenage Gabi: Can we write about how much more mature I am than a year ago, but how I'm also jaded and world-weary? 

Poetic Gabi: We could use my seven plaid shirts as a metaphor!

Honest Gabi: See, you're so self absorbed! In the middle of a list about yourself, you felt compelled to add an entire conversation between the different aspects of your personality, and argue about the blog's anniversary post. 

ADD Gabi: Today's the blog's anniversary? OH YEAH, I KNEW THAT!

Overachiever Gabi: Nobody's going to finish the list, are they? Nobody does any work around here. Ugh.


Yeah, I've had this blog for a year. That's weird.

I didn't really want to do one of those I've Had My Blog For a Year and That's Awesome posts, because they're awesome, but I don't have enough posts that I'm proud of. So this year's goal is to make more good quality posts, I suppose. I kind of already defeated my purpose in this post, because it sucks. Yay.


Monday, September 5, 2011

I did this survey thing. I want a chocolate chip cookie.

A long time ago, while I was in the wilderness (WIWINW,) Christopher over at The Nerd Archives wrote this survey thing. And I was bored. Don't expect much good writing.

I couldn't help but notice that HE DIDN'T FILL OUT HIS OWN SURVEY. Yeah, that was a challenge. If he did fill out his own survey, then I'll be really embarrassed, but that's okay.

1) Please state your name for the record?

(readjusts monocle) I don't like the sentence structure of this question. I'm sorry, but I am a critical survey-taker.
Fun fact: I actually could get a monocle. Like, the optometrist said I could! It has to do with my eyesight being weird.
Oh, my name is Gabrielle. People generally call me Gabi. I respond to Esther too.

2) If you were a penguin, on the other hand, what do you think your name would be? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Hypothetically? Well, hypothetically, and strictly hypothetically, my name would be Bernado McFlipflop Jr., of the Waddlewell tribe. I'd also hypothetically have a hypothetical blog in which I pose as a female in her adolescence, but purely hypothetically.

3) Would you consider your ears to be smaller than average, average, larger than average, or freakishly large?

My ears are actually quite a nice size. In fact, they may be my fourth favorite feature.
Thankfully, I narrowly avoided some terrible ear genetics. On the other hand, I probably missed out on the ability to use my ears as sails.

4) Are you more of a Beatles or an Elvis fan? (If you answer the latter, please proceed to go set yourself on fire and then die in a hole.)
I was raised on a healthy diet of The Beatles and Songs I Am Embarrassed to Know Off By Heart.
I like The Beatles very much. Ringo's my favourite.

5) Have you ever killed anyone? If so, did you do it with your bare hands?
I, for one, have not killed anyone. If I did so, however, I would use an elegant poison, not my bare hands. I've been reading up on thallium lately, although I suppose that iocane powder would do very nicely.

6) If you could use any fruit to describe the size and shape of your head, what fruit would you use?
I just asked my mom. She says that it's like an upside-down pear, but I hope that it's a bit larger than that. My brother said dragon fruit, then pineapple, but I have reasons to doubt his sincerity. It kind of looks like a nectarine. I'm going to be self-conscious now, thanks a lot.

7) Is there any famous person you'd go gay for? Please state their name. This question is, of course, purely for academic purposes.
Taylor Swift is kind of attractive. But then if she got angry at me she would write a catchy and scathing breakup song, so I guess she's out.
Luna Lovegood.
8) If you had the choice, would you rather go to space, meet Paul McCartney, scuba dive in the Pacific Ocean, or sleep with Carmen Electra?

Can I play an elaborate prank on Carmen Electra involving seducing her? She'd meet me in a yellow submarine with Paul McCartney in the Pacific Ocean, but then the yellow submarine would turn into a spaceship and we'd go to space, and then the prank would get really great but I need some more time to plan it.
9) How long have you had your blog? What made you start one?
I've had my blog since September 19th, 2010. It's weird that it's almost been a year, and that I actually have followers.
This blog was actually an offshoot of this other blog that I had, which was so terrible that I made a new one. I don't really talk about my first blog, but I guess I got it because all of my internet friends had blogs, and I am easily manipulated. By the time I got this blog, I actually wanted to write.

10) What is your weirdest phobia?

I sometimes convince myself that the earth will detonate in the next ten seconds.

11) Do you believe in God?

The last time someone asked me that I ran away shrieking gibberish. I think I kind of scared him.
I'd like to believe in God, if that makes sense. I also really like my religion.

12) If you could start a collab. blog with any four bloggers, which ones would you do it with?

I think that I'd lose every bit of self-esteem I had if I collaborated with anyone. THEY'RE ALL SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME.

Can I just sit and watch as Christopher (who I keep thinking of as That Blond Guy in my head,) Jessica, Zehra, and that person who does Hyperbole and a Half do their stuff?

13) If you were trapped on a desert island with the same four bloggers you mentioned in the last question, which one would you eat first? With which one would you procreate?
Well, since there's only one male, the procreation is kind of a given, for practicality's sake. I hope that he's alright with raising our child to speak piglatin, because that's very important to me.
I think I'd eat the fattest person first, or perhaps eat some babies.

14) What's your favourite 80's movie?

Back to the Future comes in second.

15) What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to most types of music. I spend a lot of time on YouTube listening to obscure bands who refuse to sell their music on iTunes because it's too mainstream for them or something.

16) Imagine that you open your bedroom closet one day and suddenly a portal opens up. You can't see what is at the end of the portal, but there is a totoro inside it motioning you to follow him. Would you go inside, even if it might mean you'll never come back?

If it offers me some candy or asks me to help it find its lost dog, then I'd love to!

17) If you're a woman, do you find facial hair on men attractive? If you're a man, do you find facial hair on woman attractive?

There are very few people who I find facial hair attractive on.

18) Do you like babies?

I like babies very much.

19) What's the most violent thing you've ever done to an inanimate object?

I once accidentally twisted the head off of my little cousin's barbie. I hid it behind the TV.
I've also taken apart a computer and then thrown the casing into the snow and jumped on it repeatedly, afterwards hitting it with a sledgehammer.
I killed an egg named Moe once by dropping him off a ladder.

20) What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

I embarrass myself a lot, so I'm sort of used to it, but I'd have to say The Arm Kissing Incident. I WAS IN GRADE TWO, OKAY?!

21) Do you think the world will end in 2012?

I think that the world will end in exactly 17 minutes.
(I did it again. Argh.)

22) Have you enjoyed this survey? Be honest, now.

I like surveys. I don't need anything to write about to fill them in, which is nice.

23) Are you following The Nerd Archives? If not, DO YOURSELF THE FAVOUR OF DOING SO NOW.

I tag anyone who's reading this to do it, if they feel like it.

School starts tomorrow. I will maybe go sleep. Maybe wait for mass destruction, first.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have a farmer's, flip-flop, bathing suit, bikini, and watch tan. I'm not even a redhead.

Hello. Gabi here.


I'm kind of just hoping that the words will flow, you know?


ADHD Gabi: (giggles) That's what she said!

Girly Gabi: How come she gets all the guys?!

Scholarly Gabi: I believe that the woman that is referred to by the pronoun "she" in that sentence does not exist. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it is said whenever --

Honest Gabi: (to Girly Gabi) What my well-read friend should be saying is that you were kissed this summer by the same nerdboy you talked about all year. Stop whining.

Scholarly Gabi: Also, it's virtually impossible for one female to "get" all males regardless. To have any sort of physical contact at all with every male on the planet, even only limiting oneself to hominids, wouldn't work, let alone any contact that is --

Girly Gabi: I know we kissed! But then he was mean!

Teenage Gabi: My heart shattered into thousands of tiny, glistening, blood-coated shards when I found out that he was using me.

Girly Gabi: You're so right! And he's still so hot.

Poetic Gabi: Each time I gaze at the stars we lied under together, I remember how they were brighter that night, before he so cruelly spurned me.

Musical Gabi: (Takes out iPod, and begins harmonizing to the song playing) ♫Who do you think you aaaarreeee running round leavin' scaaaarrsss♫

ADHD Gabi: I have a lot of bruises on my legs. A lot of them are from walking into benches.

Honest Gabi: Actually, almost all of them are.

Teenage Gabi: My heart has bruises.


Nice Gabi: You all need a nice, hot cup of tea.

ADHD Gabi: So when I barrel rolled, I went upside down, and then I moved the paddle and I wasn't upside down anymore! And then I did it again and again!


ADHD Gabi: Um. . .


ADHD Gabi: Ilostit.

Coach Gabi: WHAT?!

ADHD Gabi: I was swimming with our cousins in their pool -

Honest Gabi: Our aunt and uncle are rich because they're both doctors--

ADHD Gabi: and I took it off and then I forgot it at their house and then I did the same thing with my cabin bracelet and please don't hate me!!


Poetic Gabi: Those both held so much sentimental value. I'll write eulogies.


ADHD Gabi: But I don't take ritalin.

Scholarly Gabi: We're on 40 milligrams of --

Hippy Gabi: I will not allow those chemicals into my body!


Hippy Gabi: Mother Nature is so enlightening.

Poetic Gabi: I think we should go stand barefoot outside right by the lake at the cottage underneath a tree to feel inspired.

Coach Gabi: LET'S DO IT!!

10 minutes later

Poetic Gabi: That was beautiful.

Teenage Gabi: I can't believe our parents made us go back inside.

Nice Gabi: I'm getting a bit worried about Common Sense Gabi. Has anyone seen her around lately?

ADHD Gabi: I saw her tied up in a closet right before we put silly notes that couldn't possibly have been interpreted as creepy in the guys' cabins! I forgot to tell you guys! Haven't seen her since!

Hullo, everyone! I'm back home. Kind of.
This is being posted from my grandparents' cottage, which is a half acre of property with a cosy cabin right by the lake. It's beautiful, especially with the lightning illuminating the tree branches in the dark once in a while.

On another note, I'm fully expecting my cold (which I may or may not have gotten from a certain guy) to get worse after tonight.

Time to catch up on peoples' blogs. Or maybe not. I'll see.