Monday, March 7, 2011

I just spent a weekend in Ottawa with my lovely youth group. How To Train Your Dragon is a cute book. I keep writing these long, opinionated, prosey posts, but I never post them. There are little angry businessmen in ugly suits inside my brain, who frown at anything I try hard to write. I'm tempted to write a story involving tying them up and letting them suffer.
I just signed up for Script Frenzy, which is a NaNoWriMo offshoot where you write a script in April. I'll see if I can squash my inner editors further through that.

<3 Gabi

Socks today: Well, I wrote this yesterday, and I didn't post it. My socks were cool. One was checkerboard with small colourful things here and there. The other was black with an orange heel. Yep. Now they're just white.


  1. Good luck scripting! =D
    And How To Train Your Dragon is adorable! I was addicted to the series a few years back. Still sorta am.

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog!
    On the contrary, I don't find them stalkerish at all.

    I appreciate your input.



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