Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I completely forgot to put in a title and my mom wants me offline. So [insert descriptive title here]

"Terence beckoned her in and, with a vague sense of surprise, realized that he loved her." - The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady, by Gerald Morris.

I love that quote. It's so romantic in such a sweet way, and from a cool series, too. My Potential Best Friend, who I think I will promote to Most Probably a Best Friend despite my insecurities screaming at me, lent the first two books to me. They're Arthurian legends, but Morris takes a really neat slant on the characters. They're all somewhat Mary-Sue ish, but Round Table stuff isn't really supposed to have three-dimensional characters. I'm surprised at how a series in a genre that is usually so cliche manages to stay admirably true to the original stories, but still has its own originality. I enjoyed reading the series over my week internetless.

Yep, I spent a week internetless, just to see how I'd do. It was fine, I guess. I had to check my e-mail because my babysitting jobs are organised through that. I ended up talking on the phone a lot with MPBF and reading a lot instead. Guess what I discovered? MPBF AND I ARE THE SAME PERSON. Seriously, it's kind of scary. I've found my friendship soul mate, to some degree. I just hope I don't fall in love-love with her, I guess xP

I apologise for my long, unruly post. I hope that the ratio of my boring posts to my interesting posts isn't terrible.

<3 Gabi

Socks: Boring.


  1. That quote sounds so romantic. (:

    Nice blog template, btw. I love the color.

  2. THE SQUIRE, THE KNIGHT AND HIS LADY! Ohmygod, I *love* those books. Honest to whatever god there is, I love them.


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