Sunday, November 21, 2010

NaNoWriMo, Nerdfighters, and I Don't Really Want to Keep Alliterating

Hello. I am a neglectful, horrible, mean, lazy, not-even-remotely-funny, blogger. In October I tried to write a few posts, but as a busy student that has ADD ("OH MY GOSH A PRETTY BIRD!!!") I tend to abandon these posts halfway through. This time I am RESOLVED to finish this post without getting distracted halfway through. ("Those bagels smell realllyyyy good.") 

In October, before Sparklife changed its layout and I could actually follow the posts, I was reminded about the awesome program called NaNoWriMo. You write a fifty thousand word novel in a month, which equals approximately 1667 words a day. I decided that I would attempt this, and I told absolutely everyone that I was doing it. That was in the hopes that I'd be embarrassed into writing daily. So how am I doing? I'm a failure, actually. I kept on schedule for the first week, then fell behind. So right now, with only 9 days left, I am at 19000, which is really far behind. I've given up hope, which is why I dragged myself over to this blog without the excuse of having to finish writing a book. To be honest, not doing well at nano wasn't all that bad. I've gained a huge amount of respect for writers in general, because I have realised how hard it is to develop a character, to choose a point of view and general feel of a book, and to actually get a plot. 

Speaking of books (well, movies,) the first installment of the last Harry Potter movie just came out. I probably will not watch it, because I stopped following the movies after the Goblet of Fire for no particular reason. Two of my new friends, who both actually have best friend potential, wants me to come see it with them. Well, with the school Harry Potter club which the two of them started. If I end up going, it will probably be really fun, but that is only if I force myself to be social. 

I haven't been very social lately, unless you count the semi-formal dance on Thursday. Oh, and taking public transit with my friends. ("Oh look, a message on gtalk!") I just realised how lame that sounds, but I am still excited about how many people in public school take the TTC. When I was in private school, people sometimes sounded shocked that I take the subway and bus, so it is nice that my friends take it. 

That brings me to Nerdfighters.While walking to the bus stop together, my friend decided to introduce me to Nerdfighters. Namely the Fitness for Nerds video. I'd link to it, but my internet blocker thing is being all annoying. In part of the video, the guy jumps back and forth to dodge the bully. Dodge, and deflect, dodge and deflect. I got really excited about these nerd fighters, and decided to try it out. And that is how I ended up looking like an idiot at the corner of a major intersection.

I think I am going to go write my essay now. And eat a bagel. And maybe spend a little bit longer on gtalk.



  1. :O you're NOT going to see Harry Potter? That makes you like the first person I know to not want to see it! and yes, naonowrimo is SO demanding...the people who are able to do it must be so dedicated to their writing...:)

  2. I like Harry Potter, but the movies always disappoint me because the books are better.

    I've been talking to people online and in real life that are doing 50000 words a week. I don't know how they manage.


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