Sunday, September 26, 2010


It is Saturday night. Well, Sunday morning. I am being stupid and staying up too late. It is 1:53 am, and I seemed to have reached the point of staying up too late when everything is amazing and weirdly bewildering. So if I come across as stranger than usual, that may be why. About a month ago, staying up this late wouldn't seem so bad, so I guess this means that I am getting back onto a school schedule. Nevertheless, I am up late, being amazed by the fact that I can follow myself on my own blog. 

"Oh look! I have 9 followers now! That is a slightly less pitiable amount than my 8 before! Yaaaaawwwnnn."

I should really go to bed now. Tomorrow I am volunteering at my synagogue's sukkah hop. A sukkah is, well, look it up. Wait, here's a link:
Happy? For further clarification, if you eat in a sukkah while it is raining, you will get wet. If there is a severe thunderstorm, the branches on top of the sukkah will probably blow away and the sukkah will probably fall over. Which happened with my family's sukkah.
Anyways, a sukkah hop is when you go to different people's sukkahs and eat food and possibly do other stuff. They're quite fun, and this year I will be supervising the crafts table at one of the sukkahs. The little kids are actually quite cute, so I'm looking forward to it. 

Now, it is time to actually go to bed. It is 2:11 am. It may be this late because I was reading Left Handed Toons and watching the nunchuk duck while being mystified.
One Duck Nunchucks

Anyways, goodnight.

Socks today: An older pair I got from Bluenotes when they were having a large sale on socks. They are sort of argyle printish in blue with darker heels and toes. The argyle print incorporates hearts in a largely unexplainable way. They aren't very good quality socks, but nice for a day at home spent curled up in a corner reading. The book was actually an etymology book, because I finished the sequel to wicked and was extremely bored. W.O. nibbled the corners of it. On the bright side, I learned how to say the F-bomb in three other languages. (it was quite an interesting etymology book)


  1. Hi!
    I love that duck! :D
    and pshhh..yesterday I stayed up till 3:36 am.

  2. Hahaha, lefthandedtoons? by right handed people? :DDD Thats silly. Heehee.
    I AM left handed... but I suppose I could forge one and send it in and they would never know ;)


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