Monday, September 20, 2010


So, you may have been wondering about the ninja bunny part of my blog name. Actually, I'm fairly sure that most of my extremely small blog audience knows about my rabbit, Westley Ophelia.
One day, I was in the car, reading Blogging Twilight out loud to my mom and brother. We were on our way to try horseback riding for the first time at a smallish farm in the middle of Ontario's cottage country, A.K.A. The Middle of Nowhere. We passed an alpaca farm or two. Well one. Eventually, after many sections of Blogging Twilight, we pulled into a small horse farm. That is when I discovered W.O.  At that moment I knew I should have her. With her ninja prowess, she had escaped her rabbit run, and two of the people who worked at the farm were chasing her in circles. Apparently she did this every day. Then she walked on the horse poop.
After the horseback riding and begging my mom to let me buy myself the rabbit, she let up. So I brought W.O. home. She still engages in ninja activities daily, like jumping onto my bed and running in circles, sneaking into my closets and refusing to come out, and licking people's toes.
A picture of westley:

There are also many other pets in my house. In fact, they outnumber the number of people.

Meeka: Meeka is a dog. If you want to call him that. He more closely resembles a cross between an extremely hungry horse and an excitable bulldozer. We've been working on training him, because it seems to bother people when a huge labradoodle jumps on them more than a miniature poodle would. I don't really get that, because I am a bit afraid of small dogs. Especially ones who are the exact same colour as the carpet, and snarl at you when you don't see them and step on their tails.
Rocky, Fluffy, and Spike: These are my brother's guinea pigs. They are rodents. That's pretty much it.

My socks today: One is light blue, one is dark blue. I was in that sort of mood today.


    And totally jealous of your pets :D

  2. Thanks Hannah :D

    My pets are nice. I think my dad has started to get annoyed by them, though. :P

  3. I want a guinea pig.. or a rat.

    DON'T JUDGE! Rats can be really sweet.

    Just to clarify, I mean rats from a pet store. Sewer rats gross me out, just like everyone else.

  4. lola: I WANT A RAT TOO!!!
    But guinea pigs are seriously overrated. They are stupid. And fat. And smell. blehhhh

    and thanks, epic :D


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