Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hi! Sorry I'm so late in this post. I've had a problem with writer's block, opening up blogger then not knowing what to write. There should really be a scientific name for writer's block. One day when I forget to write an essay for English, I could just say, "I'm sorry, I had (insert fancy sounding name here)." The teacher will have no idea what I'm talking about, and I'll be able to submit my essay the next day!

Guess what? I still have writer's block. So instead of writing a lovely, connected, inspirational post, I think I'll just write about things I wanted to mention.

1) I was going to Canadian Tire to get a bike lock and helmet with my dad. Canadian Tire is an awesome hardware store by the way, for the un-Canadians reading. (That is everyone I believe.) They have everything from bandsaws to skis to dog food. When my dad and I pulled into the parking lot of Canadian Tire, something smelled funny, but we ignored it. After we left the store we saw a fire, with firefighters. The worst part is that what was on fire was a clothing donation bin. Best case scenario: Somebody thought that it was a garbage can, threw their cigarette butt in, and it caught. The thing is, I can't help speculating on whether some idiot did it on purpose. Either way, my faith in humanity is somewhat shaky.

2) On a happier note, W.O. has achieved even more epic ninjaness. Last week, I couldn't find her anywhere. I checked all of her favourite hiding spots around my room, but to no avail. I finally opened up my drawers to check in those. She wasn't in any of the lower ones, but when I opened up my top dresser drawer, there she was, looking extremely cozy. I think that she jumped onto the back of my purple fuzzy chair, and from there jumped into the drawer, and it slid closed. NINJA BUNNY POWERS, I TELL YOU!

3) I sort of forget about anything else. Oh well.

Socks Today: One pink sock, one blue and pink striped sock. I was trying to find my lime green and pink socks, but I was in a rush and didn't feel like digging through my socks.


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