Thursday, June 16, 2011

This post ranges from wave-particle duality to the blatant abuse of meme generators.

I was walking towards a subway station a couple of weeks ago, or maybe away from a subway station, but that's inconsequential. The weather was perfect, and the description will sound clich├ęd, but it was sunny with a cool breeze, the right number of fluffy clouds in the sky, and a you-won't-get-sweaty-but-you-should-still-wear-shorts kind of temperature.  

I was strolling in a way that's overused in literature but not used enough in real life. Then I saw a young woman walking around, holding a parasol. This is amazing enough on its own. Of course, this woman must have been even more amazing than that, because this was a rainbow parasol. 

Accessories like that always fascinate me. Parasols especially fascinate me for two reasons.

Poetic Gabi is reminded of something that probably has a fancy word to describe it. I'll just call it elegance.

Nerdy Gabi likes that they work like umbrellas except with light, and anything that can work with something that behaves like particles but isn't - I just found out that that's called wave-particle duality - is pretty awesome. Even though anything visible can manipulate light, they call attention to it. 

The fact that the parasol was colourful fascinated me just as much. It reminded me of those boxes of Crayola crayons with 64 colours and those built in sharpeners that were always so exciting. 

Anyway, when I saw Parasol Lady, I stopped in my tracks to stare at her creepily. 

I think I should stop writing now, or I will get weirder, and that wouldn't be good.

This really, really isn't funny. I should get more sleep, or less sleep, or something.


P.S. I got a guitar case for my beat up and probably more than secondhand guitar. Thais helped me name the guitar Ricardo and the case Stevie. I am hoping that this will make me 100 times sexier. Ha. 


  1. Parasols to me just are the standard stuff of old Asian and Indian ladies. I see a lot of them. Though I thought that they were just plain old umbrellas that they used in the sun for some reason. BUT RAINBOW PARASOLS ARE AWESOME! I'VE NEVER SEEN ONE IN REAL LIFE EVER!
    What's the difference between a parasol and an umbrella material-wise? :/ Is a parasol made out of lighter stuff. OH GOSH I MUST KNOW THIS
    Off to Google I go!

    We're off to see the Google, the wonderful Google of 'Net...

  2. I would always get amazingly excited at those built-in sharpeners and then get terribly disappointed at their pathetic lack of true function.

    AND wh-wh-wh-WAIT. So your guitar and its case are both guys?


  3. PARASOLS ARE AWESOME. Especially rainbow coloured ones. I wants one.

  4. You saw a lady with a parasol!? Whatwhat? I don't think I've ever seen one in real life. I also gained 50 brain cells from reading this, which makes up for the fact that in my dream of the first day of school next year (I know, this is a bad sign.) I got lost and couldn't find my seat on the seating chart just like a freshman. Except I was a junior in my dream and there were only 7 desks in the class and, well basically, I just failed. So thank you for my brain.

    On another note, (I have been using that phrase a wee bit too much. I do not care) Ricardo and Stevie are the cutest. It was my pleasure to help you name them.

    That's right, people who look at what time things were posted, I'm posting this in the early hours of the morning. Don't judge.

  5. I love parasols too! Especially the lace ones. They just seem so classy, they can't really go with much these days.

  6. I really would like at least one parasol. They're just so... parasol-y and elegant.

  7. Sana: I think that parasols aren't waterproof, and they're sometimes lacy.

    thinkellen: as a little kid I convinced myself that crayons actually needed sharpening. :P
    and yeah, they're boys. They may have a little gay couple thing going on, but I'm not sure.

    aimee: if you find one, let me know!

    thais: on the first day of school, i realized that the seating chart read like guitar tabs. i felt smart.
    "On another note" means tangents, and tangents are cool. Thank you!

    Kat: I think your name is kat. . . or should I call you innocently green? Whatever. That parasol is gorgeous, and I spent a full minute staring at it.

    Priya: Yes. And parasol is sort of fun to say! :D

  8. Hahahahaha, you are hilarious!!

  9. I just found your blog through ib! So glad to have.

  10. Thanks for the comment! :D Aw man, you remind me of myself so much when I was 14! I wouldn't trade those days for anything. Me and my best friends used to wear Heelys at school while eating Cup-O-Noodles. Took a lot of skill.


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