Sunday, June 5, 2011

Secret: I only fill in this box after I've written my posts.

I've realized that sitting at the computer for the sole purpose of writing a blog post does not work for me. I have to actually want to write. I don't necessarily have to have a fully formed idea when I start, though. Most of my interesting posts don't.

Some of my fully formed ideas really don't work out well. These are all posts that have been sitting in my drafts or would be if I had been around a keyboard at the right times.

I have/do want(ed) to write about:

1. Peanut butter filled pretzels. Every time I eat them I immediately think of how blatantly American they are. Then I stare at their guts for awhile to figure out how they got the peanut butter inside.

2. The sarcastic brilliance of Let Me Google That For You. I'd love to be that passive aggressive, but multiple inner Gabrielles yell at me for how inefficient that particular brand of aggressiveness is.

3. The Orthodox Jewish community. I think about where I want to stand in this community almost as often as I think about -
Scholarly Gabi: Epistemology, right?

Teenage Gabi: The futility of life.

Musical Gabi: ♫ musiiiic! ♫

Coach Gabi: My core muscles.

Girly Gabi: Cute guys!

Uh, sure. 

Realistic Gabi: Girly Gabi was right on that one. You suck.

Anywhoooooodle. I feel like that particular topic will be too dry to go on about without frequent gags like that, and Teenage Gabi would be unhappy about that breach of her seriousness.

4. My lovely neighbour, my wonderful best friend, and I wrote an article called Your Vagina and You the other day. It's a bit, um, not suitable for my current audience. Or anyone, really. I think that Jessica (who I still have not actually spoken to. Thais tells me I should. IpromiseI'monlysortofastalker.) and Lola would have enjoyed it. Speaking of those two, check out their blogs!

So do you see how this post was really about nothing? Mostly just an excuse to ramble and practise my writing.

I'm going to go change my browser language to English (UK) now, because it keeps underlining my words in red squiggles.



  1. I like Let Me Google That For You.
    It's looking up itself! :)
    I think those posts sound interesting.
    And I find that I don't usually make a post unless I want to procrastinate on something. Odd, is it not?

  2. As for myself, I HAVE to start with a coherent idea in order for my posts to work out well. Although sometimes the idea morphs... or explodes into multiple posts... or I draw a bunch of pictures and then can't think of suitably entertaining words to accompany them. These poor stagnant posts just kinda sit there, collecting.

    But I totally agree that I can't write anything if I'm not feeling it. I can have the most amazing ideas, but I've learned to only sit down and write if I actually want to write about that brilliant/silly/pathetic idea now. Then I can work and actually be somewhat productive. ^^

    @Sana: *agrees* Procrastination is an excellent motivator!

  3. Heh, nice :)

    I generally have a clear idea what it's gonna be about, but the details and such flow once I started typing. But I too write the title at end. After I re-read everything and then I can pinpoint what it actually is about. Most of the times it turns out like I wanted it to.

  4. I much prefer a blog about nothing (and this one was so fun and funny!) than a blog about how your infant is still not sleeping through the night.
    Loved this!

  5. i pretty much never start out with a coherent idea when I post. And I generally don't end up coherent. But hey, I'm a spontaneous person!

    P.S. I love your title. I just clicked follow even before I read any posts. Awesomeness! :)

  6. I should have replied to these a long time ago. I feel like it must be too late at this point to do much, 'cause nobody will check it and I don't want to bother if it's useless. I love everyone's thoughts, though!


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