Monday, January 10, 2011

I am currently eating tofu

Yes, I am eating tofu. Well, it's part of a dish of overcooked noodles. There are a couple of carrot slices in this dish of noodles.

Well, my computer doesn't seem to like inserting images, judging by this large gap. There is a rendition of my dinner immediately preceding the computer hatred gap. I like typing Zs, I guess, judging by the NOODLEZZZZ. Oh, and the title font is called Parry Hotter, how cool is that?

 I've been getting ready for my final projects and my exams to be over with, but this week is dragging along. So I began to sing in French class. I kind of didn't notice the glares until I was told to shut up in a nice way. Oh, did I ever mention that my computer teacher is evil? When we walked into class, half of the class freaked out when they saw this on the board:

Of course, being the nerds we are, in a competitive program, everyone freaked out before they read the next week part, while Evil D (she lets us call her that, by the way) laughed hysterically at her desk.

Did I mention that I'm enjoying MS paint?

<3 Gabi

Socks Today: HAPPY CHANUKAH SOCKS!! My aunt gave them to me for Chanukah 2 years ago. 
I just attempted to draw them on MS paint, but failed horribly. 


  1. LOL, your teacher really lets you call her evil?!?!?!? that's one interesting teacher!!

  2. Ha! That's a great post! I know you told me that story but it is still funny just to read it! I love how your posts have such a sense of humor to them and I'm definitely looking forward to your next post!


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