Friday, January 13, 2012

Choosing titles is hard. Like, I'd have another blog already if I could just pick a title. I'm tempted to cave and use something stupid, but even if the blog name is changeable the url wouldn't be. I'm stuck.
How do you name things?


  1. You actually can change the URL, just if you do so, any links you or other people have linked to it won't work

  2. Ditto why flyergirl said. You can change it- It's somewhere in the realms of "settings". ^_^
    Usually, though... I just get random ideas when I'm laying in bed procrastinating getting up. They're not always good title ideas, but they are ideas. :)

  3. What about 'Pineapple Sustenance'? 'Berry-Apple Surprise'? 'Crushed Watermelon Fondue'?

    What is it with me, randomness and food? I might make a killer chef. And 'killer' could mean two things here: 'killer' as is in "I have madskillz with my chefery", and 'killer' as in "Holy shit, I just killed that guy with my concept recipe, I'd better bloody run".

    My brain is weird.

  4. I consult my magic 8 ball. It hasn't been very helpful as of yet.

  5. Yeah, I would've mentioned the changeable urls, but someone else already did. I don't like changing urls, though. It's a pain in the butt, and because titles are so much easier to change, I fret more about the url.

    I usually look for an adverb or adjective and a corresponding, seemingly irrelevant noun or verb. They never really have anything to do with the blog's content, though. My current blog title is an exception, in a sense, seeing as it has a backstory. It's nonetheless not very relevant to my blog's content, though. Which is probably a good thing.

  6. About the changeable URLs: I've known about them for a while, but when I look at my blog stats most of my referrals are from other blogs with links to mine. Picking a URL only to change it would be frustrating. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

    Angela: I'm in total admiration of your ability to think in the mornings. :P

    Ash: You could totally make that a restaurant theme. They'll never know who'll die by the end of the meal! See, weird brains are awesome.

    Vapid Vixen: Try the magic dodecahedron ball. It has an extra 4 replies. #nerdjokes

    cricketfreak: I would, but I don't think that Names Out of Hats is really the sort of name I'm going for. (I'm kind of on a bad joke roll today, forgive me.)

    Fungus Muse: *checks blog name*
    Probably a good thing. (On a side note, I bet you'll get a lot of weird site traffic. :P )

  7. It'll come. You'll just be sitting when BAM! An idea hits you!
    May I write a blog post in your style (with multiple personalities and everything) in memory of this blog? :D

    1. :D That's so flattering!!! :D
      Of course you can, I'm sure it would be fantastic.

  8. Random Word Generators. Let chance decide what you'll call it. That, or it will come to you just as you're falling asleep, and you won't be able to remember it. Ever.


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